The Tower of Madness will be a short adventure to fill the gap between King Maker and Mummy’s Mask. It’s going to be a fairly linear adventure with short encounters, or what I like to call dungeon bento. Please upload your character to obsidian portal before play.

The Rules
1. Create a level 6 character with 22 point buy.
2. Only use races, classes, and spells from the Core Rule Book. If you’re looking at another book, you’re doing it wrong.
3. Everyone will have 13,000 gold to buy equipment.
4. You may start with up to a +1 weapon and/or armor
5. No magical items over 3,000
6. Keep to what you could realistically carry (I.E. no hauling around 10 battle axes, 30 heal potions, ect.)
5. Have a pencil handy, because your gear could change fast.

All classes are welcome, but it is highly encouraged that there is a least one rogue or a trap finding type. As a warning, during your adventures, you may encounter creatures that are above your CR. These creatures should be fairly obvious, and are not meant to be engaged directly. This gives a great opportunity to be creative in dealing with these encounters, and of course there are multiple ways out of every situation.

The Adventure Begins….
Your adventuring group is traveling through the Mid Dale Valley. Either your characters are part of an already established group, or you’ve met each other along the way. The Mid Dale valley is a neutral territory between the Kingdom of Garridom and the City of Free Port. The valley itself is dotted with open grassy fields, patches of woodland, and a few small farms. It’s mostly unremarkable except for the massive obsidian black tower sitting at its center, known as The Mid Dale tower. The tower serves as both a depository and academy for the magical arts. It’s because of this tower that the valley has been able to remain neutral. Few people wish to live by or invade an area with such powerful and unpredictable magic.
Traveling through the valley is about a day and half journey. As your party makes their way, the weather becomes more and more hostile. The skies darken, the winds whip around you, and strange purple lighting crashes above your heads. Your group heads to the only known shelter in the area, a small outpost village just outside the tower…..

Tower of Madness

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